Update to how comments are displayed (web only)

To view comments on an Instagram post, you can click View comments below the post to display the comments in-stream. Previously the first four comments on each post were always displayed

Removal of Likes preview (iOS mobile app only)

Tapping an Instagram post in a mobile app stream on iOS would previously display Likes with a username preview (e.g.  maryjay, whodat, john_b, and 5 others).

Now only the total number of likes will be displayed (e.g.  8), but you can still tap the number to view a list of all users who have liked the post.

Android Instagram streams will continue to display the total number of likes below each post.

Removal of Followers/Following lists in other users’ profiles (mobile app only)

As part of enhancing user privacy, when you tap on another Instagram user’s profile picture, you will be able to see their total number of Followers and Following, but will no longer be able to view lists of each.

Rate limit on Likes

Users can now like up to 60 posts per hour.