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Real David Art : San Francisco Lifestyle Photographer

Sought by advertising, musicians, actors, fitness athletes and corporations to create portraits that are uniquely beautiful and expressive...

San Francisco's Premier Lifestyle Photographer


You don’t have to be an experienced model to make beautiful photographs that tell your story.  Every week I help people talk through their ideas and choose the looks that match their vision.  Then amongst the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area or in cities around the world, I select location settings that inspire, create emotion and allow you to express your inner self.

I want to help you see yourself.  So as your guide on shoot day, I will help you find poses & movements that are sincere. And as the comments our clients receive from friends, family & fans prove…it is a transformational experience. So let’s discuss your dreams. Let’s reveal more of who you are.

Be the star of your story.



  • Denise Dondel
    Denise Dondel
    "David Art is amazing !! When I was fighting my way back from my injury I felt so bluesy, lost sight of me, my goals and just plain lost. To waking up to his post of one of my most favorite shots ever along with his motivational & heart felt words ! It was just perfect timing!! David Art your heart & artistry is legendary!"
  • Nicole Laureano
    Nicole Laureano
    "I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do poses that looked professional because I had seen all the other models and knew I didn't have the practice they did.  However the coaching and guidance during the shoot was so perfect.  I can look at my shots and be really proud!"
  • Jessica Larson
    Jessica Larson
    "My biggest fear was that shooting would be weird and uncomfortable. I had the exact opposite experience. I was not only comfortable, but David made me feel confident and glamorous."
  • Lisa Asuncion
    Lisa Asuncion
    "Soooo worth it.  Seriously I just let him do his thing and every pic was like perfect.  I barely even bothered to ask what the pics looked like, you don't even need to!!' David Art is a genius!!!!"
  • Ashley Puida
    Ashley Puida
    "Working with you David was quite literally a life changer."
  • Kate Abate
    Kate Abate
    "I love my photo!!! Thank you so much for always taking beautiful artistic shots."
  • Dawn Genie
    Dawn Genie
    "Omg! I love this photo! David is like a bikini competitor guardian angel."
  • Damian Artt
    Damian Artt
    "David did a fantastic job at Wind River's Sales Kick Off. Terrific photographs and video capturing the event. And super fast turnaround (we used photos and video he captured, on the last day of the 3 day event). I will definitely use him again."
  • Mary Welton
    Mary Welton
    "Professional, honest, brilliant eye, creative, positive...Always comfortable during our sessions."
  • Janice Murphy
    Janice Murphy
    "Wow! I don't have words, just love for David Art."
  • Sondra Blockman
    Sondra Blockman
    The awesome part is when you have people on your side line telling you to NOT give up and affirming the positive things about you that you may start to question. They are there to kick that nonsense to the curb and help you ignite that flame again. Every Cali show I've ever done @realdavidart has always been in my ear and giving me something to smile about! Even took the time to reach out to me when I just about wanted to throw in the towel after Miami. I swear he's telekinetic...and hilarious, and an amazing photographer and marketer! You da bomb.com!

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If you will be in the city of or competing in an show I am attending, you can reserve photos and video of your event.  You can also book a FitShoot during the 2 days before and after the show.  Click here for more information.

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Location photography allows you to choose the setting, wardrobe and theme that best tells you story.  For more information click here.


Commercial Photography Booking

Whether we are creating an album cover, retail merchandising, press kits, an advertising campaign or other visual marketing I would love to discuss your unique project.  Go to my contact page to set up a meeting or conference call.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit. Please feel free to contact me either via email, phone or the form below. I’m more than happy to discuss your needs, answer any questions that you may have or send you more examples of my work for review.